boole-1, boole-2, boole-and, boole-andc1, boole-andc2, boole-c1, boole-c2, boole-clr, boole-eqv, boole-ior, boole-nand, boole-nor, boole-orc1, boole-orc2, boole-set, boole-xorConstant Variable

    Constant Value

    The identity and nature of the values of each of these variables is implementation-dependent, except that it must be distinct from each of the values of the others, and it must be a valid first argument to the function boole.


    Each of these constants has a value which is one of the sixteen possible bit-wise logical operation specifiers.

    (boole boole-ior 1 16)  17 
    (boole boole-and -2 5)  4 
    (boole boole-eqv 17 15)  -31
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