/, //, ///Variable

    Value Type

    a proper list.

    Initial Value



    The variables /, //, and /// are maintained by the Lisp read-eval-print loop to save the values of results that were printed at the end of the loop.

    The value of / is a list of the most recent values that were printed, the value of // is the previous value of /, and the value of /// is the previous value of //.

    The values of /, //, and /// are updated immediately prior to printing the return value of a top-level form by the Lisp read-eval-print loop. If the evaluation of such a form is aborted prior to its normal return, the values of /, //, and /// are not updated.

    (floor 22 7)  3, 1 
    (+ (* (car /) 7) (cadr /))  22
    Affected By

    Lisp read-eval-print loop.

    See Also

    - (variable), + (variable), * (variable), Section 25.1.1 (Top level loop)