upper-case-p, lower-case-p, both-case-pFunction

    upper-case-p character generalized-boolean
    lower-case-p character generalized-boolean
    both-case-p character generalized-boolean
    Arguments and Values

    character — a character.

    generalized-boolean — a generalized boolean.


    These functions test the case of a given character.

    upper-case-p returns true if character is an uppercase character; otherwise, returns false.

    lower-case-p returns true if character is a lowercase character; otherwise, returns false.

    both-case-p returns true if character is a character with case; otherwise, returns false.

    (upper-case-p #\A)  true 
    (upper-case-p #\a)  false 
    (both-case-p #\a)  true 
    (both-case-p #\5)  false 
    (lower-case-p #\5)  false 
    (upper-case-p #\5)  false 
    ;; This next example presupposes an implementation 
    ;; in which #\Bell is an implementation-defined character. 
    (lower-case-p #\Bell)  false
    Exceptional Situations

    Should signal an error of type type-error if character is not a character.

    See Also

    char-upcase, char-downcase, Section (Characters With Case), Section 13.1.10 (Documentation of Implementation-Defined Scripts)