pathname-match-p pathname wildcard generalized-boolean

    Arguments and Values

    pathname — a pathname designator.

    wildcard — a designator for a wild pathname.

    generalized-boolean — a generalized boolean.


    pathname-match-p returns true if pathname matches wildcard, otherwise nil. The matching rules are implementation-defined but should be consistent with directory. Missing components of wildcard default to :wild.

    It is valid for pathname to be a wild pathname; a wildcard field in pathname only matches a wildcard field in wildcard (i.e., pathname-match-p is not commutative). It is valid for wildcard to be a non-wild pathname.

    Exceptional Situations

    If pathname or wildcard is not a pathname, string, or stream associated with a file an error of type type-error is signaled.

    See Also

    directory, pathname, logical-pathname, Section 20.1 (File System Concepts), Section 19.1.2 (Pathnames as Filenames)