make-dispatch-macro-character char &optional non-terminating-p readtable t

    Arguments and Values

    char — a character.

    non-terminating-p — a generalized boolean. The default is false.

    readtable — a readtable. The default is the current readtable.


    make-dispatch-macro-character makes char be a dispatching macro character in readtable.

    Initially, every character in the dispatch table associated with the char has an associated function that signals an error of type reader-error.

    If non-terminating-p is true, the dispatching macro character is made a non-terminating macro character; if non-terminating-p is false, the dispatching macro character is made a terminating macro character.

    (get-macro-character #\{)  NIL, false 
    (make-dispatch-macro-character #\{)  T 
    (not (get-macro-character #\{))  false

    The readtable is altered.

    See Also

    *readtable*, set-dispatch-macro-character