get-output-stream-string string-output-stream string

    Arguments and Values

    string-output-stream — a stream.

    string — a string.


    Returns a string containing, in order, all the characters that have been output to string-output-stream. This operation clears any characters on string-output-stream, so the string contains only those characters which have been output since the last call to get-output-stream-string or since the creation of the string-output-stream, whichever occurred most recently.

    (setq a-stream (make-string-output-stream) 
           a-string "abcdefghijklm")  "abcdefghijklm" 
    (write-string a-string a-stream)  "abcdefghijklm" 
    (get-output-stream-string a-stream)  "abcdefghijklm" 
    (get-output-stream-string a-stream)  ""
    Side Effects

    The string-output-stream is cleared.

    Exceptional Situations

    The consequences are undefined if stream-output-string is closed.

    The consequences are undefined if string-output-stream is a stream that was not produced by make-string-output-stream. The consequences are undefined if string-output-stream was created implicitly by with-output-to-string or format.

    See Also