bit, sbitAccessor

    bit bit-array &rest subscripts bit
    sbit bit-array &rest subscripts bit
    (setf (bit bit-array &rest subscripts) new-bit)
    (setf (sbit bit-array &rest subscripts) new-bit)
    Arguments and Values

    bit-array — for bit, a bit array; for sbit, a simple bit array.

    subscripts — a list of valid array indices for the bit-array.

    bit — a bit.


    bit and sbit access the bit-array element specified by subscripts.

    These functions ignore the fill pointer when accessing elements.

    (bit (setq ba (make-array 8 
                               :element-type 'bit 
                               :initial-element 1)) 
          3)  1 
    (setf (bit ba 3) 0)  0 
    (bit ba 3)  0 
    (sbit ba 5)  1 
    (setf (sbit ba 5) 1)  1 
    (sbit ba 5)  1
    See Also

    aref, Section 3.2.1 (Compiler Terminology)


    bit and sbit are like aref except that they require arrays to be a bit array and a simple bit array, respectively.

    bit and sbit, unlike char and schar, allow the first argument to be an array of any rank.